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acteve LLC is a new type of investment advisory firm which focuses on just the function that individual investors (and many professional investors) would find difficult to accomplish on their own – that is portfolio construction and monitoring based on a disciplined, consistent and patient process for bottom-up stock selection. acteve delivers this function through the acteve Model Portfolio (aMP) service. The aMP is an actively managed concentrated value portfolio, and every change made to it serves as a basis for investment advice delivered to clients. acteve works with clients’ existing investment accounts, with or without other investment advisors. Trading in client accounts is done by clients at their chosen broker/dealer custodian, based on acteve’s advisory recommendations.

Working with acteve involves three easy steps: 1) introductory interview and discussion about your individual situation, 2) sign written advisory agreement with acteve, 3) receive investment advice from acteve.
With no new accounts to open or securities to transfer to a different custodian, acteve makes it easy for clients to start an advisory relationship with existing investment accounts. With a single aMP offering, flat fee structure based on relationship account value, and a unique and growing online knowledgebase, acteve seeks to deliver superior transparency to clients compared to alternatives.
acteve’s online knowledgebase is structured as blog posts organized by categories and tags, and is fully searchable. It is available for FREE to anyone who can access acteve’s website, and links to recent blog posts are available via weekly email distribution through a FREE subscription. The primary purpose of blog posts is to inform and educate existing and potential clients and promote active discussion of individual company fundamentals as well as broader investing topics. Blog posts are not designed to be equity research reports and do not serve as investment advice. acteve expressly discourages individual investors from investing in stocks on their own, except within the purview of a written advisory agreement with acteve.
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