Is acteve suitable for me?

Is acteve suitable for me?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1. Is my investment objective to protect and grow my assets?
Note that passive investing strategies (e.g. investing in a market index through an ETF, investing in “Smart Beta” funds, investing with Robo Advisors, etc.) may not be designed to provide adequate capital protection – ask your investment manager.

Passive investing may or may not provide future capital growth either, depending on how the particular underlying benchmark market index (or indexes) or other “black box” quantitative strategy performs.

2. Do I have a long-term investment horizon?
Having a long-term investment horizon involves accepting short-term underperformance. Not every individual will be comfortable with short-term underperformance. Accepting short-term underperformance will require a satisfactory understanding of the chosen investment strategy. acteve provides the tools to help form such an understanding, but not everyone will find it comfortable to challenge market consensus and pursue a contrarian value investing strategy.

3. Will my cash flow be affected due to short-term underperformance?
acteve’s strategy is to invest assets with a long-term orientation, accepting the fact that short-term underperformance can’t be avoided. If short-term underperformance will cause you hardship by affecting your cash flow, then acteve is probably not suitable for you.

4. Would I like to be a mindful investor?

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